Thursday, April 28, 2011

Second day of having a blog.

So I finally downloaded Steam! Sadly it didn't come with the first Portal game. Are you sad? Because I'm definitely sad! Well, at least I'm able to buy games now. I DID go look to see how much it was, and the first one is ONLY 10 dollars. So I'll definitely be getting it soon! If I remember correctly, the second one was actually on sale. It was 10 percent off, I think. Don't quote me on that! I looked at a bunch of games, so I could be wrong. Did any of you guys subscribe to Brad's youtube page!? You better! I think he uploaded a couple more Portal  2 videos. Also said on his facebook page that he would be uploading some Amnesia videos too. So if they caught your eye, he should be doing that pretty soon.

So I'm still not completely sure what my blog will be mainly about. I'm really just doing random stuff right now. It could end up just kind of being like a diary type of thing for me. Yeah, I'm thinking it'll end up being that. Probably just a bunch of gaming stuff, school stuff, and random things that I find to be interesting.

Is there anything you guys would like me to blog about? I'm sure you have some ideas! Post a comment and I'll see what I can come up with.

Bye guys![: