Wednesday, April 27, 2011

First post.

Oh yesssss.
Decided to make this blog. Probably for random stuff.

So first post will be about this game I've been looking at.

Have you heard of Portal 2?
Most likely, anyway.

I've been watching this playthrough thing on youtube from this freaking AMAZING guy that plays a ton of games and records it, posting it on there with commentary, etc.

If you want to see what/who I'm watching, here's his link:
I was watching the Amnesia walkthrough, but I'm thinking he got a little bored of it. Each video is about 10-20 minutes long. For Amnesia, the game is pretty amazing. I couldn't play it because I'm a little girl at scary things and wouldn't be able to sleep for about 5 years. Watching it isn't so bad, though. Pretty awesome, I think. Anyway, the Portal 2 game. I haven't been able to play the first one, but everyone is telling me I need to. I've also been told that if you download steam, you get it free. So after this post I'm probably going to do that. I need to get steam anyway. So if you don't know what any of the Portal games are, they're really just a puzzle game. I'm not sure if the first one is similar to the second story-wise, but you're in this building where they make tests that you have to complete. You have this gun type of this that makes portals that you can walk/jump/fall/etc through. You make one portal, make another, then go through it and you end up wherever the second one was placed. Seems like a legit game to me, it's pretty popular too. I'm not really into any other games other than puzzle ones, so it should be pretty amusing. Here's a wiki link if you'd like to read more into detail about it:

So yeah, first post for the winnnn.
Will post again within the next couple of days.